Revolve drops three AI-generated fashion collections

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Californian fashion brand Revolve has dropped three collections that are entirely generated by artificial intelligence (AI). These AI-created collections were initially showcased in a digital format at the very first AI Fashion Week (AIFW), an event hosted by the creative studio Maison Meta in New York. Now, these collections have taken physical form and are available for purchase on Revolve’s e-commerce platform.

What sets these collections apart is that they were not designed by contemporary fashion designers. The creative minds responsible for these collections are architects José Sobral of Paatiff, Matilde Mariano of Molnm, and fashion stylist Opé Majek of Opé. Each of these collections includes 10 to 12 unique pieces, catering to a range of sizes from XS to L.

Revolve’s CEO of owned brands, Mitch Moseley, led the design and production efforts for these AI-generated collections. However, the precise profit-sharing arrangement between the architects-turned-designers and Revolve remains undisclosed.

The designers were given access to Revolve’s extensive supply chain and a dedicated project manager, allowing them to work closely with the brand’s atelier team, product developers, pattern-makers, and technicians. Together, they collaborated on selecting suitable materials and refining the AI-generated designs, all of which were then produced in-house.

The process of creating fashion through AI also shed light on the current limitations of this technology. Some designs had to be adjusted to make them feasible for physical production, emphasising factors like functionality, comfort, and overall aesthetic appeal. Others, like José Sobral, approached the design phase with a focus on technical aspects, leveraging his background in construction to guide the process.

This release coincides with ‘Season 2’ of AIFW, scheduled to take place in Milan from 16th to 19th November. The upcoming season promises more winners, clearer guidelines to streamline the production process, and expansion to multiple locations.

For Revolve, this project served as a testing ground and a learning experience. It allowed them to collaborate with a massive team of designers who typically create thousands of designs each year. While the design phase remains a time-consuming endeavor, the utilisation of AI accelerates the subsequent production process, demonstrating efficiency and innovation in the fashion industry.

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