Rani Mukerji on women-focused web shows and films

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Prolific Bollywood actress Rani Mukerji believes any platform that facilitates women is the best.

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Rani Mukerji, known for playing motivated and strong female characters in her projects, talked about how women are shown differently in OTT projects and theatres in an interview. The actress said females hold the reins in web shows and films.

“Of course, I believe anything that changes the landscape for women is best, and women who want to do it are best as long as people see our work,” she said. “We actors can only thrive when people see our work. We’re not working for five people to watch our film, right? We want our work to be seen by people all over the world.”

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The ‘Mardani‘ star said she does her best to try and give her audience a theatrical experience with the woman being the central character. 

“The one who is driving the narrative, and hopefully, I would believe that the audience would come and watch it. As long as my producer can make money, I will continue doing that with theatrical films,” she said.

The actress said there are different reasons why a movie cannot be made for theatrical experience. 

“Whether it’s the monetisation or whether the audience is really wanting to go and see a certain piece, but they’re comfortable watching it in the confines of their homes, so be it,” she said.

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