Instagram’s Threads API development in progress, says Adam Mosseri

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Instagram's Adam Mosseri confirms work on Threads API
Image Source : FILE Instagram’s Adam Mosseri confirms work on Threads API

Instagram’s head Adam Mosseri has announced that the company is in the process of developing an API for Threads, Instagram’s rival to Twitter. This API will enable developers to create various applications and experiences related to Threads. Mosseri expressed concerns that it might lead to an increase in publisher content at the expense of creator content but still emphasized the importance of getting it done.

APIs can be valuable for providing automated information 

A Threads user responded by highlighting the potential for fun and interactive creator features, such as personas, joke bots, and thread summaries, similar to what has been seen on Twitter. Additionally, they noted that APIs can be valuable for providing automated information from government agencies, like transit disruptions or earthquake notices.

Threads have garnered around 100 million monthly users

Meta Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that Threads has garnered nearly 100 million monthly users. During a quarterly earnings call, Zuckerberg expressed his satisfaction with Threads’ progress, emphasizing his vision of creating a “billion-person public conversations app” with a more positive atmosphere. Despite its initial challenges, Meta remains committed to developing Threads and sees it as a long-term opportunity.

Thread was launched to compete with Twitter 

Threads was launched by Meta as a competitor to Twitter in July, but it struggled to gain traction and began losing users due to the lack of Twitter-like features. However, Meta remains optimistic about the product’s potential and intends to build on its momentum in the coming year.

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Image Source : FILEThread and Twitter

Threads would not prioritize news content 

Earlier this month, Mosseri clarified that Threads would not prioritize news content on the platform. While news can be shared and followed on Threads, the platform will not actively amplify news. This approach aims to keep Threads distinct from traditional news-focused social media platforms.

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The development of a Threads API represents Instagram’s ongoing efforts to expand its platform’s capabilities and features, fostering innovation and engagement among users and creators.

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