‘I am a big propagator of technology’: Singer Ankur Tewari talks about his album ‘Akela’ launched in Spatial Audio

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Spatial Audio is one of the new trends inspiring music artists to use technology and take their work to next level. Singer Ankur Tewari recently released a music album called ‘Akela’ on Apple Music with Spatial Audio support. Tewari’s musical work has been showcased in the movies like Gully Boy, Gehraiyaan, Guilty & Yeh Ballet and more. Talking about why he used this modern technology, Tewari said that the spatial audio feature transports you to a different world altogether.

For those who are not aware, Spatial Audio is like a 360-degree sound format that creates surround sound effect via speakers and headphones. It creates sense of directionality with the frequency.

Tewari told Tech Today, “’Akela’ album has an expansive soundscape. It was really exciting to make as it transports you to a different world. With spatial audio, the moment you put on the AirPods, it sounds like you are sitting in the centre of an amphitheatre and the musicians are just surrounding you. So it gives a very different kind of experience.”

Talking about the creative process behind the tracks, Tewari revealed that he started recording this album during pandemic. He said, “It was heavily relying on FaceTime and on voice notes and it was mostly about meeting virtually and then finally we mapped up in a studio. It was a different experience recording it.” Since the hardware that supports spatial audio is limited, Tewari is hopeful that it will be available on more devices very soon.

Explaining about recording music with spatial audio, he said that the recording process was the same but the spatial audio mix was different that took him around a week.

Talking about technology transforming the music industry, he said, “Technology always has an impact on any art form. When the recording music industry started, there was a rebellion against it because you will not be listening to it live, hence, it will give a different experience. But that’s what technology is about. It helps you embrace, consume the art form in a different ways and opens up new space and idea for it to be consumed in a different way.”

He sees himself as a “big propagator of technology”. He said, “I believe that it takes you to spaces that you are probably afraid to venture before.”

Tewari also spoke about how the entry of artificial intelligence can affect the industry in the coming future. He stated, “It depends how you use this technology and how you don’t cross the ethical lines. It is going to affect the industry in a major way. It is all about how you deal with it and navigate, just like how we have dealt with other technologies. ” He acknowledged that AI has the potential to replace several human jobs in music industry. He added, “We need to find creative solutions for people who will lose their jobs because of AI. If things like these are figured out, then I think it can be a good thing.” 

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