Five of the best countries for expats in 2023

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Though Mexico’s bureaucracy can be challenging to navigate, it’s also easy to maintain residency if you qualify, and there’s no minimum amount of time you need to stay in the country to keep your visa status. While English is spoken in the most touristy areas, expats will find life easier if they work on their Spanish before they arrive. Even if you’re not an expert by the time you move, a little practice can go a long way. “Poco a poco (little by little), your Spanish knowledge will start to grow,” said Julien Casanova, founder of Oaxaca Travel Tips who has lived in Mexico for five years and is originally from the US.

Expats also express a deep appreciation for Mexico’s culture and history, echoed in its top ranking in the culture and welcome subcategory. “Close connection to family and tradition are infused throughout Mexican culture,” said Casanova. “I love living in Oaxaca City for this reason. It’s an incredibly festive city with deep roots in its pre-Hispanic past.”

Mexico has no shortage of unique cities that expats call home. “Mexico has all the landscapes, all the climates, all the gastronomy and culture. And best of all, the warmth and service of the people, the good humour always, the permanent party atmosphere wherever you go. It’s just a matter of connecting with everything,” said Elizabeth Lemos, originally from Uruguay, who has lived in Mexico since 2022 and serves as an Internations ambassador (a position that works to organise local expat gatherings). “In Mexico, you can find your place in the world.”


Spain has ranked in the top 10 in the survey’s Quality of Life index since 2014, due to its culture and nightlife, opportunities for recreation and leisure, and its moderate climate and weather.

“Even though it differs significantly from the south to the north of the country, the temperatures are generally mild and pleasant,” said resident Patricia Palacios, co-founder of España Guide, who has lived in Spain for the past decade. She says the weather is one of the main benefits of living here. “For example, cities such as Valencia and Malaga boast more than 300 sunny days per year and have an average temperature of 18C (65F).” She also loves the food options that the Mediterranean climate provides, and that the landscape and architecture that has been influenced by so many cultures over the years.

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