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Clymer School Board members discussed preparations for the upcoming school year at their August board meeting.
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CLYMER — As kids get ready to return to class, Clymer Central School is “ready to go.”

The new school year officially kicks off Wednesday, with staff returning today. A “meet the teacher night” is set for next Tuesday.

“I’m feeling really good as far as the start of school,” Superintendent Beth Olson told Clymer School Board members. “Everything’s out and ready to go. We are, I feel, the most prepared we have been since I started. We haven’t had any of the distractions — whether it be COVID or the aftermath of COVID.

“This was really the first summer that I have been able to dedicate specifically to putting a structure together for good instruction, positive culture. I’m really excited for the start of school.”

Olson said the building will be open during the “meet the teacher” event; school officials are hoping for a lot of activity.

“Families will be able to come in, in addition to teachers being in the building,” she said. “Sue (Watrous) will be available to answer any … lunch questions, and she will be in the front lobby. Morgan (Legters, school nurse) will be available to accept any medications that families need to bring in for the school year. Nicole Damcott will be out there with any type of college, career counseling information in that front foyer.”

The school board discussed teacher in-service day agendas, and the PBIS — Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies — program that began last school year. A group of teachers met over the summer to further work on the programs.

“It’s to create a common language in the building for our behavior expectations, in a positive format, so not ‘don’t do this,’” Olson said “We want our expectations to be safe, responsible and respectful. They’re going to build in activities over the year, and if kids are demonstrating those attributes, then we will have some type of reward.”

Positive attributes can be presented anywhere on the campus and not just in the classroom. Olson gave an example of the cafeteria and buses as well.

Also, in preparation for the new school year, the new playground has been inspected and will be able to be utilized by kids when they return. The old playground has been paved over, and the surface has been completed for future use. Olson said there will be some sort of ribbon-cutting ceremony planned in the future for the new playground area.

Cameras are 99% installed, the front steps have been coated, and door controls are being worked on. Cameras are still being installed by the tennis courts, but the door access is expected to be completed by the start of the school year.

In other news:

¯ the board discussed tenure for teaching assistants, and how teaching assistants differ from teacher aides.

¯ tax collection begins Sept. 5.

¯ a parent spoke during the public comment section about how people would know who is in the building during the newly implemented half hour that begins at 8 a.m. each morning. Olson said there will be teachers at both entrances and monitoring each area where students are expected to be and they will know who is to report where each day.

¯ it was mentioned to the board the possibility of hosting a station for the planned color run during homecoming time.

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