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When a helping hand is needed, service organizations are there — to provide food to those who are hungry, to offer shelter to those in need, to offer a shoulder to lean on or to simply listen.

These groups make Blair County special — and make us proud.

The Mirror is seeking help to highlight the good works these organizations provide in its annual Blair County Proud edition coming Sept. 22.

To help collect information on these helping hands, a series of web forms have been created on the Mirror’s website, using general categories such as nonprofit, social and fundraising efforts; faith-based groups; fire departments; police departments; and emergency medical services.

“We sometimes have heard from readers who would like to see more good news,” Managing Editor Neil Rudel said. “While we have it weekly with things such as our Monday Spotlight, which is a feel-good feature story, the Blair County Proud section is a collective effort that reflects the pride of our community and has touched all parts of the county.

“It’s been well-received and a nice compliment to our People & Progress edition in the spring,” Rudel said.

Blair County Proud gives nonprofit groups, social clubs, faith-based organizations and fire, police and emergency medical agencies a chance to highlight how they provide the services that strengthen the community.

Representatives can submit information on their efforts through Sept. 8, on forms under the hamburger menu (click on the three lines on the upper left corner) of

Those submitting information also can send in photos for possible publication.

There is no charge for the listings for qualifying groups and agencies, which highlight how they make Blair County proud and how readers can help in their efforts.

“It’s important to remember all the good within our community,” Advertising Director Tracy Brooks said. “It’s great, hardworking people who make Blair County what it is today. Blair County Proud highlights some of that positive effort and gives businesses the perfect opportunity to thank their customers and employees for what they do.”

A list of online forms to collect information can be accessed at (the last slash is required).

Because of a change to the Mirror’s website, the URLs to access the forms directly are slightly different this year. The direct address to the individual forms are:

Nonprofit and social organizations:

Faith-based groups:

Fire departments:

Police departments:


For more information on Blair County Proud, call 946-7537 or email

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