Airport adopts robot technology for food delivery

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As robots become more common in everyday life, the airport could become the next place to find them.

Locations like the Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport, CVG, are adopting the technology.

Meet Ottobot, a fully autonomous robot built by the company Ottonomy that always travels but never flies out of CVG. Instead, it carefully — at about four mph — flies through the concourse.

“We utilize LIDAR, which is short for light and radar,” said Eric Lorentz of Ottonomy. “We have 2D and 3D cameras throughout the robot, so it’s always sensing its surroundings.

The original debuted in 2021 at CVG to deliver snacks and other items and has since been phased out.

“That was successful, but we wanted to try it in Concourse A, where we have different airline operations, different set of travelers, more families over here,” said Mindy Kershner of CVG Airport.

Travelers who use airlines like Allegiant, Frontier and United can now order the robot’s service to deliver fresh food from Subway.

Follow the prompts on your phone and wait — the Ottobot is programmed to arrive at your gate location with your order.

You use a code for the door to open and pay a $2 delivery fee.

Subway owners say their workers are ready for customers to use. Fresh food made your way, that comes your way by robot.

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