78% of aggregate demand emerged from 5 tech skill suites; check them out here   

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Quess Corp’s latest report on state of skilling in India reveals that the demand for talent with tech skills such as SAP, Automotive Design, Testing, and Infra Support, among others, have seen a surge in Q1FY24. Upskilling across industries has been a strategy adopted by companies over the last year to bridge the emerging skill gap in India.

Vijay Sivaram, the CEO of Quess IT Staffing said, “Amid macroeconomic headwinds affecting the US and Europe, the IT services sector faces a downward hiring trend of 25-30 per cent. However, this situation has opened up new opportunities, with GCCs (Global Capability Centres) ramping up talent acquisition and projecting an estimated employee strength of 1.4 million, hiring is likely to increase by 10%. Our nation is currently at the forefront of global technology advancements, benefiting from the best demographic play and a highly educated STEM Talent Pool.”

“The Indian stock markets continue to outperform, reflecting the confidence of investors in our thriving tech sector. As we witness substantial infrastructure changes all around us, Foreign Institutional Investments (FIIs) are pouring funds into India, bolstering our economy. India’s tech industry is well-positioned to overcome uncertainties and seize opportunities,” he added. 

78 per cent of aggregate demand emerged from 5 tech skill suites. Among functional skill suites with the highest intent-to-hire in Q1FY24, development roles (28 per cent) held the highest share. Demand for developers skilled in over 65 technical proficiencies and platforms was noted. Interestingly, Full Stack skills exhibited consistent and upwardly trending demand within the consulting, automotive, banking, and telecom sectors.

The demand for SAP (16 per cent) expertise has consistently remained high, encompassing both development and implementation aspects. As per Quess, a surge in demand for these proficiencies was particularly high within the consulting and GCC client domains.

Automotive design (14 per cent) is another one of the top skills in demand. The global and Indian automotive sectors are experiencing a surge in demand for talent, which is attributed to the increasing adoption of digitization and the need for technologically adept skills. Notably, there’s a pronounced demand for proficiencies in Selenium, TOSCA, Workday, and ServiceNow.

Across several industries, demand for IT infrastructure support skills (8 per cent) remains consistent, encompassing both L1 and L2 support, spanning a diverse range of over 30 aspects. 

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